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A Reminder

Life is short It is a matter of fact Around the corner is any fate It is up to us to capture, remember and share the moments That mean the most to our family, friends […]

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19th Street Houston ~ Edition 3: Sandra Showalter

The 19th Street Block At 2 O’clock 20 photographers did stalk Abstracts and windows cracked Musicians show ambition Textures for pleasure Eyes of photographers Are those of biographers Capturing life as it offers The walk […]

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19th Street Houston ~ Edition 2: Desiderate Williams

Is that Q-burt!? And Groot? My sister Desi has quite the eye for the hidden gems; literally. See what you can find! Presenting the photos taken by Desiderata Williams. Edited by myself Thank you sis […]

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19th Street Houston ~ Edition 1: Robyn Keigher

A photowalk? Use your cameras? I think my sisters were tired of my photography talk by the end of the week..but I drug them out anyways. And the pictures they captured were amazing! All I […]

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Day, hour, minute, second, nanosecond Expressions, emotions, feelings, demeanor A filter is in place Only so much can be seen To what is truly inside. ” ”

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