An Hour at the Market

September 20th, 2015 A day from 32 With my family of 4 We travel to Traders Village, #1 Houston flea market

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Isaac’s 2nd Birthday

A smile a day Trantrums to run me away And get my way For I am the awesome Ziggy

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Pooped Himself Out

After the poop escaped A bath he and his blankie had to take His bath ‘all done’ Asleep he did fall waiting for his blankie behind closed doors ”

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The days before the flu

The taste of rain Fresh air smell Play and play until Dripping from my hair Down my chin Tickling my neck Soaking wet. So sad to say Mommy says no more today ” ” ” […]

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TBT: Dubai

In Dubai No worries No snakes No alligators Few spiders Only one large ant that would bite Now in Texas Where everything is bigger Except for the ants Snakes and spiders We don’t know the […]

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